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How does Affinity work?

AFFINITY is a powerful tool that leverages information from Online Social Networks, Online Marketing Platforms and external sources to get a geographical indicator of the potential demand of a profile on a specific location. For example, people interested in Golf in Spain or people interested in car insurance and food in european main cities.

  • Define Your Target Profile

    Where a profile is defined by a set of keywords: sports, insurance, bank

  • Choose Your Geographical Area

    E.g.: European countries, ZIP codes in Spain

  • Select Granularity Level

    Country, state, city or zip code.

  • Get Insights


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Machine Learning

AFFINITY offers an enriched geographical data to enhance predictive modelling and users segmentation.

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Cross selling

What other products or services is my target audience interested in?

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Let Affinity finds areas with the highest demand on your product. Different geographical granularities: zip code, cities, states, countries.

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Micromarketing (ZIP Code leve)

Opening a franchise? AFFINITY allows you to find locations to open new franchises with known clients' similarity.

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Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by understanding what other interests they have.

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Decision-making process

Take advantage of Affinity for business decision making.

Affinity Data
Plug into

Affinity Data

Obtain your geographical data by connecting to Affinity via API REST or receive a CSV file in your email account directly.

Affinity Maps

Make use of our platform and visualize your use cases on an interactive map in a simple and intuitive way.

Affinity MapaDatosProvincia
NextGen Framework

Affinity Report

Extend your analysis including socio-demographic data of your audience.

Affinity Consulting

Do you have specific needs? Contact us to define your case and further exploit the potential of Affinity

Affinity Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

How complex can be my profile?

A profile is defined by one or more interests. Depending on the objective, a simple profile (e.g. football lovers) or a more complex profile (e.g. people interested in football and golf but not in tennis) may be preferred.

How reliable and accurate are Affinity data?

Our data comes from social networks and marketing platforms. Therefore, we work with aggregated data which means that there is a plausible margin of error in our indicator. Thanks to external data, we reduce this error as much as possible.

At what geographical level of granularity works Affinity?

From country level to zip code level. Including intermediate levels such as cities, regions or user-defined own zones.

Could I define my own geographical area?

Of course! Affinity adjusts to the geographic area defined for the analysis. Joining cities or postal codes is a valid option.

How long does it take to get the data?

It depends on the complexity of the case: simple profiles and at a low level of granularity (i.e. country) could be delivered in 1-2 days while more complex profiles (various interests) and at zip code level it can take up to 5 days.

May I try Affinity for free?

Sure! Please contact us and we will be happy to make a test.

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